Alums Return to Share Secrets of Success.

As undergraduates it is hard to know exactly what career paths we might wish to pursue. While tying one’s passion to a potential career path may seem easy, external pressures from parents and other influences may deter us from becoming our authentic selves. Additionally, it is sometimes hard to see past current college struggles and how they are molding us into the professionals we will become. 

Zoe Hughes ‘17, Danielle Holz ‘15, Rachel Newburg ‘17, Mike Sedaille ‘15, Liz Pemberton ‘16, Sam Zorn ‘15, Dr. Supplee, Dr. Larson, Dr. Kouh, Dr. Fenstermacher

With the help of Sam Zorn (‘15), the Drew Society of Physics Students hosted an event that allowed our fellow undergraduate students to hear about some recent physics alum’s unique paths to success. The Drew University SPS thought it would be interesting to know what difficulties our majors faced along the way, whether they always saw themselves where they are now, what detours they faced, and what kept them motivated. They had been in our position and therefore could be a great resource for us. 

At the event, we were joined by ten alums; six in person and four via video conferencing. Current science majors interested in pursuing careers in science, engineering, medicine, data science, or continuing on to higher levels of education had the chance to hear from a diverse panel. 

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